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Welcome to the 2020 PRNC Season!

MyNetball Online Registrations - Stage 1, will be open from the 12th January - 20th January 2020. Stage 2, will open on the 3rd February - 7th February 2020 and will only accept registrations if a vacancy exists in an age group. Please monitor our Facebook page for updates.

Palmyra Rebels Netball Club commenced in 1960 and we are very proud to be a Foundation Club of the Fremantle Netball Association. We are celebrating 61 years of playing netball at FNA, our long history makes our club not just about playing and winning games but building friendships that last a lifetime.

2020 Registration – Open From Sunday 12th January to Monday 20th January 2020

Please note registrations are due to open soon. Please refer to the Member Registration page for further details and the detailed 2020 Registration. grading and training days.
Please note the 2020 proposed time slots and court allocation section will be updated soon.


All players eligible to play in the Net grade (2013-2011) should contact our Registrar, Kylie Kelly to register their interest. Further information on how to register in Net Set Go can be found below. Rebels will be implementing a two-stage registration program which applies to both General and Net Set Go Members.

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Palmyra Rebels Netball Club
Palmyra Rebels Netball Club2 days ago
Hi Rebels fam! Just a reminder that registrations are well and truly under way and will be only open until the Sunday the 19th of Jan!

If you have any queries please contact Justine

For further information visit

Palmyra Rebels Netball Club
Palmyra Rebels Netball Club5 days ago
Registrations for the 2020 season have now opened!

2020 Umpiring Courses